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Dr. Sudhakaran K.M.

  ‘Marginalized Sections and Democratisation Process in Kerala’ in Review of  Social Sciences, Vol.VII, No.2, July-December 2006.

  A Handbook of Political Science   (Co- author), Published by Political Science Association Kerala, 2007.

 ‘Power Alienation: Identity and Dalits in A Multicultural Paradigm’, ISDA  Journal Vol.18. No 4, Thiruvananthapuram,2008

 ‘Sustainable Development and Participatory Management in Forest: A Case  Study of VanaSamrakshnaSamithi’ Department of History U.C. College  November 2008.

 ‘Democratisation of Power: An Historical Overview of Local Self Government in Kerala’, Govt. Arts and Science College Research Journal, Vol.1, Issue 3,  Calicut, 2009.

 Ensuring Participation: Programmes and Strategies of Forest Conservation in  Modern Kerala, ISDA Journal Vol.21 October- December. No 4,  Thiruvananthapuram, 2011.


Praveen K. R.

‘History of Chenda- published by Sree Ayappa College for Women, KAAS withISBN NO 978-93-81658-10-09

A semiotic perspective of Theatre-With emphasis of Kathakali (DrisyaroopangalileChihnavicharam:KathakaliyeMunnirthi) ,ASC, University of Calicut.

Vivekananda darsanagalileBharatham: NavodhanatheMunnirthi, Sree SankaraSamskarikaPatanakendram,SSVCollege,Valayanchirangara



Anoop V

 Published an article entitled “AgraharathilePattuvazhikal” (MusicalHeritage of Agrahara) in Tharjani (e-journal) on June2010, vol6, No6Tharjani

 Published an article entitled “KottarakkaraThamburanteKrithikalilenadodi Kala Sankethangal” (Folk Elements in the Works of KottarakkaraThampuran) in the book PazhayaKrithiPuthiyaVayana, published byVidwan P.G Nair Research Centre, UC College Aluva(January 2011)

 Authored a book titled Cherukadu (ISBN 978-81-7638-174-1) publishedby State Institute of Languages on May, 2012.

 Published an article entitled “ NjanabodhathinteReethisasthram”(Methodological Perspectives of Nyaya Philosophy) in the journalVinjanakairali, published by State Institute of Languages (Vol. 43 Issue:45, May 2012)

 Published an article entitled “ VayanayudeMarukara” (Reading) in thejournal Jeevadhara (Vol. XLII Issue: 249, June 2012) – ISSN : 0970- 1117

 Published an article entitled “Manthravadam: PrethirodhathintePorulukal”(Significations of Resistance in Witchcraft ) in the book Vamseeyatha :VicharavumVeekshanavum, published by Vidwan P.G Nair ResearchCentre, UC College Aluva(January 2013)

 Published an article entitled “Resistance of the Lore; Discourse andanalysis” in the book Collected papers : second international conferenceof KAAS  published by Kanyakumari Academy of Arts and Sciences(September 2013). ISBN 978-93-81658-07-9

 Published an article entitled “Manthravadam- History/ Culture/ Politics:Contextualizing an Occult Genre” in the Journal Review Journal ofPhilosophy and Social Science, published by Journal Anu Books (March2014). ISSN- 0258-1701


Published an article entitled “Cultural logic of dictionary making: Ananalysis based on Herman Gundert’s Dictionary” in the JournalTranslation Today, published by National Translation Mission (Vol.8,number 1, 2014). ISSN- 0972-8740

 Published an article entitled “Parmaparyanjanaroopangal:VishakalanavumVasthuthayum” in the Seminar proceedings of Ninth All India Conferenceof KAAS, August 2014 ISBN 978-93-81658-10-9



Publication details

 A paper titled Shodasa-SamskareshuNamakarana-Samskara-Muhurtha-vicharah is to be published in the Research Journal Mahasviniwith the ISBN no: 2231-0452 by Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati,Andra Pradesh.

 A paper titled Shodasa-SamskareshuVivaha-Samskara-Muhurtha-vicharah is published in the 22 th Research Journal of Sanskrit Academy,Hydrabad,  Andra Pradesh with the ISSN no. :  0976 089X in 2012.


 A paper titled Shodasa-SamskareshuPurvasamskara-Vicharah ispublished by the department of Sanskrit Studies, Sree RamakrishnaMission Vivekananda   University, Belur Math, Kolkatta with the ISSNno. :  2320-5911 in 2013.

 Published a book titled SthreeJathakam in 2010 from AmaraPublications,Tirupati, Andra Pradesh.

 A paper titled SarvajaneenamGithadarsanam has been published in July2011 by the Dept. of Vedantha, Govt. Sanskrit College,Thiruvananthapuram.

 A paper titled KalavidhanokatharithyaUpanayana-Vivaha-SamskarayohMuhurthaNirnayah has been published in 2010 byRashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati, Andra Pradesh.

 A paper titled PanchangaParichayah has been published in February2012 by Oriental Research Institute, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati,Andra Pradesh.

 A paper titled Rajayogah has been published in February 2012 by thedepartment of  Telugu& Oriental Languages, JagarlamudiKuppuswamyChowdary College, Gundur,  Andra Pradesh.

 A paper titled SimanthonnayanaSamskaraMuhurtha is to be publishedby Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati, Andra Pradesh.

 A paper titled Bhasa’s time & Thoughts (BhasasyaKalahtathaCharudathethasyamaulikahalochanah) is to be published by theDepartment of Sahithya, Govt. Sanskrit College, Thiruvananthapuram

 A paper titled KalidasakrithishuSamajikaVibhagahVivahascha is tobe published by the Department of Sahithya, Govt. Sanskrit College,Thiruvananthapuram